Once more unto the breach…

I started blogging when I left Australia at the end of 2017 and I genuinely found the process to be enjoyable. The process of writing and sharing my travels and thoughts, it was an outlet for creativity. At the end of 2018 I was contacted by a man who felt entitled to enter my creative space and use it in a manner in which to comment on all aspects of my life. This man went through all my blog posts, Instagram photographs, my Twitter feed, my Goodreads account, then contacted me directly at work commenting on aspects of these accounts – expecting contact.

I will be completely honest, it felt like a violation of my space. I was angry and I did not feel safe. I have always been careful of what I post but as a university lecturer it means that where I work is public knowledge. This contact changed my behaviour, I stopped blogging, I put my Instagram account on private – even though it was used as a platform to connect with other postgraduate students around the world, I drastically reduced my Twitter posts, and stopped uploading book reviews. All things that I really enjoyed.

It is only now after seven months that I believe I feel comfortable blogging again. I cannot stop this man looking at my blog. I do not write this post for sympathy but as a way in which to reclaim my digital corner of space and share an experience I know is all too common with for women.

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