We’re Moving!

The last few weeks have been very busy. Interviewing for positions, deciding on which offer to accept, grading papers, house hunting and packing! I am starting a new position on Monday at the University of Northampton as a criminology lecturer at their new Waterside campus. I am very excited about the opportunities I am going to have, but to also be in a university community again, it is not the same being off campus.

We went house hunting last week. Searching online was a bit difficult when you’re not familiar with the area, there are a lot of agencies, and they don’t update their website. We booked to look at one place that accepted pets, but it was just far too small and a complicated place – backyard across a shared driveway, a shared front yard and all these sheds in the backyard.

We ended up going directly to a real-estate agency that had a couple of places we liked online. When we spoke to them the places were all rented but they had one that wasn’t advertised publicly yet. It was a lovely three-bedroom terraced house, with a new kitchen and bathroom. It had hard wood floors throughout was freshly repainted white throughout. It also had an enclosed yard for Mr Win$ton. I wanted to apply at the agency! Given how quickly the other places went, we took care of some formalities in the office before we left – paying reference check and showing our identification.

Renting in the UK is a whole new experience compared to Australia. You need to pay for reference checks, you have to provide much more information than you do in Australia, and it takes them a week to get back to you. References were difficult for Glen because he is self-employed and for myself I am on probation in my new position. They required us to nominate a guarantor, luckily Glen’s parents were willing.

On top of that, you pay one month’s rent in advance and usually six weeks rent for bond – for us, because of Mr Win$ton we had to provide eight weeks rent for bond (a grand total of £3,000). So yeah, it’s good we like the new place because we are going to spending quite a few nights in until our bank account recovers! Moving day tomorrow and we are excited!


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