Brighton Pride Parade

The other week I had my first trip to Brighton and my first time attending a Pride Parade. Best of all I got to do it with my kitty lover, former neighbour, bestie Ginni! Gin and I were neighbours about seven years ago. One day she adopted a kitty and I was a kitty mum as well, within a week there was a solid friendship. Living next-door to each other was more like an extended house, rather than two houses. It has been so nice to both be in England at the same time.

Whenever I go out with Gin we always have a great time – and this time was our first time travelling together. I know we both annoyed our respective partners with our obnoxious chants of ‘Brighton, Brighton, Brighton!’ in the weeks prior to attending and Brighton did not disappoint.

We stayed in the Jurys Inn on the waterfront and it was very close to all the action of the parade, the waterfront, the bars, and the pier. The heat in England at the moment has been nothing short of horrific, even for us from Australia. It was such a welcome relief to be staying in a hotel room with proper air-conditioning. It was nothing short of pure luxury, there was a temptation to just stay in it all weekend.

We travelled by train from London to Brighton, transferring at Gatwick airport. On Friday night we walked along the beach front and went across to the pier. We ate fresh donuts, watched the sunset and Gin indulged my love for Victorian style carousels and tacky haunted houses.

Saturday was glitter day, if we weren’t shitting glitter after the weekend, we hadn’t done Pride justice. We prepped for the Parade and walked down to watch the festivities! Amazing! I wish I had a soundtrack for the event. Costumes and routines were fierce. After a couple of hours, we re-grouped in the hotel before heading out for an afternoon drinks and dancing. It was such a lovely weekend to spend with a very good friend. The one thing that struck me over the weekend was how much love there was! Everyone was super happy and conversational, it was such a nice atmosphere to be in. Cannot wait to go again!

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