Crime Scene Investigation Experience Day

I was looking for something different to do for Glen’s birthday and found out about a CSI experience! We are both obsessed with true crime podcasts so this fitted our interests very well. Glen and I attended Think Forensic in Huddersfield to participate in an adult CSI experience day. The three hours were broken up into three key sections. First, we received an introduction to forensics, second, we processed our crime scene, and third, we debriefed about our crime scenes and what our conclusions were. The experience is run by former police officers and forensic scientists which means they are very knowledgeable about the subject matter. This means you can ask all the questions!

The introduction to forensic science was of course an overview but provided some really interesting practical information. We learnt about developing and lifting fingerprints, casting and lifting footwear markers electronically, photography protocol, gathering evidence and logic of testing and collection methods, keeping a log of the crime scene and, communicating with radios. Learning about the cost associated with testing trace from crime scenes was very interesting. This practical side was a lot of fun. Then we got all kitted up in gloves, face masks and white body suits to visit our crime scenes.

We were separated into two teams of three people and went to two separate crime scenes. The scenario used for the crime scenes were based on a real crime committed in England. Our crime scene was a reported abduction of a 19-year-old girl with a ransom note, the other team’s crime scene was an arson with a deceased body being placed there after the fire. Both crime scenes were connected and therefore some teamwork was required as additional information was provided as the scenarios developed. In addition to our two primary crime scenes there were three additional crime scenes that we viewed.

We had to secure our crime scene. We were provided with “CSI” tool boxes which had the required material to collect trace, develop and lift fingerprints, cast footwear, and take photographs. What I found particularly interesting was learning about the decision-making process in the collection of trace, storage of trace, and what it would be tested for. We all gathered at the end and talked about our crime scenes and what our conclusions were.

Think Forensic have a number of scenarios that allow you to learn more about blood spatter and body fluids, paint and glass fragments and, tyre marks. In addition they do cater for younger crowds (12 to 16-year-olds). I was fortunate to find a date very close to Glen’s birthday that was a special offer of £39 per person instead of £59 per person. We went away for the night before and stayed in an AirBnB in Denby Dale which was only about 10 minutes away from Think Forensic in Huddersfield. It was nice to do something educational and fun!



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