Equipment When Working And Travelling

Over the years I have found a number of items/processes which help with travelling especially when you are working.

  • Power board – so often there is only a couple of power points in a hotel room which means coordinating recharging. A power board takes all the hassle out of this and you only need one adapter.
  • Power adapter – goes without saying, carry this and all your other cords on your person.
  • Portable recharger – for mobile phone, I take all my photographs on my phone, use it for maps and general internet and email needs.
  • Shower caps – from hotel rooms, I use them to hold my shoes together especially when they are dirty.
  • Plastic bag – so often rooms don’t have bins but also used for dirty or wet clothes and toiletries.
  • ballpoint pen – I have a fondness for ink/fountain pens, don’t try to travel with these, I’ve had far too many than I would like to admit explode ink everywhere.
  • Printing maps and writing addresses for hotels in English and in local language. These are really helpful to give to taxi drivers. Especially when they try to rip you off and they have no excuse – this has happened to me before and I refuse to pay the higher price.
  • Small change – this is useful for tips or other small items. Further, it is worthwhile keeping this separate from the rest of your cash as then you don’t need to display this.
  • Display folder – for longer trips I put all my tickets and hotel information in order and then I can just pull out what I need. I then put the corresponding receipts in the plastic sleeves – got to get those reimbursements. It is also worthwhile to put a copy of your insurance and identification including passport in this folder.
  • Warm clothes – Even if you’re going somewhere warm where the forecast is good weather, I would prefer to carry a jumper or coat with me then be caught in a freak snow storm again.
  • Cutlery – so many hotels don’t have cutlery, or if they do you get three butter knives and a teaspoon.
  • Noise cancelling headphones – when you’re doing a lot of flying, the noise of the plan can get really difficult to listen to or you can hear people breath, or worse chew.
  • Tissues or toilet paper – why don’t public toilets have toilet paper? Or they have the toilet paper you can fart through. Also worthwhile to bring hand sanitiser.
  • Snacks – I pack muesli bars because often when working you don’t always have time to get food, or your layover may take longer, and you don’t want to have to buy a $10 sandwich from an airport. You also can’t rely on public transport hubs always having vending machines or shops.
  • ShamWow style towel – for long trips sometimes the best thing in the world is just to be able to have a quick shower (I also used to keep this in my office space).
  • Download all the podcasts – then you can close your eyes, cover your eyes and ignore everyone.

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