Working Remotely & Job Hunting

I have been incredibly lucky with my employment since I graduated. There have been lulls but I have been employed comfortably for the past six years without having a full-time job (I have been studying full time as well). I have been researching, lecturing and tutoring for a couple of universities and I have really enjoyed it. Teaching has been fantastic in developing my ability for public speaking. A huge positive also is this that I haven’t really had to apply for any employment – yay for not having to fill in job applications! And it has allowed me flexibility in being able to travel and work – and in my case move to a new country and continue working.

However, now after all this time, coming towards the end of my PhD I have to find a “real job.” I realise there is a gap in the academic field for early career researchers on how to write a job application and stand out from everyone else just as qualified as you. I know at UQ (my university) the graduate school does have some courses for this sort of thing, but they are either focused on science students or the courses are really basic.

I have taken to the interwebs in an attempt to learn how to think about how to write my applications differently as I start to apply. Included in this has been undertaking some short free online courses with FutureLearn on academic application writing. Which I must admit I was sceptical about, but I actually learnt a few things and it only took me an evening to watch.

One of my first steps has been to redo my Linkedin, which is still a work in progress but nearly complete now. So, if anyone has an academic position going in the UK for an early career researcher with qualifications in law and criminology then hit me up!



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