This post may read as a bit depressing but it is just one small aspect of our move and I think it is good to be honest about reality – that it isn’t all amazing straight away when you move.

In the first few weeks of moving I felt very isolated even though we were surrounded by Glen’s family. I was and wasn’t prepared for this. It took a couple of discussions with Glen to sort it out and make some changes which helped. Originally, we only insured Glen to drive to save money (as he has a UK licence and I don’t – another administrative issue – I need to wait 185 days before I can apply), however I found I did not like having to ask someone to drive me/have Glen escort me everywhere. Those that know me, know I am very independent as a consequence I am now insured to drive. Just having this option made me feel a lot better.

I know that I have to go out otherwise I will go stir crazy, we have been making more of an effort to go out and things even if they are little things like walking the dog. We need to let our bank accounts recover a little bit after the move as we did have to buy a number of items when we arrived. Travel further afield has been put on hold temporarily and we also have Win$ton to look after.

However, I found it was good to reflect on what we have done since we got here as I started to forget some of the awesome things we had done.

  • It snowed! (TWICE, so far)
  • We visited the Harry Potter studios and the Death Eaters are truly terrifying.
  • We walked around a Castle.
  • We set off fireworks for New Year’s – which just means we will be buying a lot more in the future.
  • We survived a flat tyre because a man took pity on us as he thought Glen was dead in the ditch, if not for him we might still be there.
  • We have visited a number of charity shops/op shops and antique centres which had led to me now possessing (amongst other awesome things) a green velvet turban – I can only aspire to be as great as Damn Elizabeth Taylor.
  • We have consumed in inordinate amount of cheese.
  • We ended up having three Christmases.
  • We visited a decommissioned Secret Nuclear Bunker.

I have also started to return to things that I really enjoy such as reading books as our boxes arrived and we have library memberships now. Both of us are not big on television watching and it has been really good not to have television in our living space even as a temptation for background noise.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Max says:

    You guys have achieved heaps in short time big adjustment. A certain pup rolled in chicken poo them jumped up for cuddles at least Win$ton is sensible.


    1. That is classic Millie. He played in a marsh the other day and had mud up to his stomach.


  2. tocrossanoceanblog says:

    Love the honesty! (And I completely relate to the driving dilemma)


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