We Have Arrived!

Glen and I learnt some very valuable lessons when flying out. Do not go with a code sharing airline when you will have excess baggage. This was an expensive lesson we learnt and will not be repeating. We booked our flights with Virgin but because it was codeshare with Etihad we couldn’t pre-purchase excess luggage with either airline – which means we couldn’t get it cheaper. When we arrived at the airport we had to go to four counters because they couldn’t add to the ticket, then we had to pay, then they couldn’t print tickets etc. Which when you have five bags and carry-on, it gets old very quickly. It also took a long time and cut into our goodbyes at the airport which I was most disappointed with. I cried when leaving, going through customs and Tamzen (former housemate and forever friend) gave me a letter to read on the plane Glen told me not to read it because I would start crying again… I did. It was nice that my last few days could be spent with family and a really enjoyed spending the time with my cousin, aunt and uncle.

Our flight was delayed out and it meant that when we arrived in Abu Dhabi International we had to race to catch our connecting flight. It is good they kept the flight, but damn I think we only spent 30 min in Abu Dhabi including clearing customs.

I also learnt that I am a pleb trying to clear customs in the UK, Glen got through immediately, took me about one and half hours because of the huge line – which I know is necessary but seriously the last thing you want to do at the end of the day. Think we had Glen’s parents concerned that we hadn’t arrived, or that Glen was having a cavity search – he does look pretty dodgy in his passport photograph.

The day after we arrived Mr Win$ton arrived not at all traumatised but confused by the colder temperature especially when it snowed a few days later. He has been enjoying exploring England and getting grubby.


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