Sorry, I Need Proof Of Address

Becoming recognised in the UK is very difficult – even if you have a visa – everyone needs proof of address. This proof of address needs to be either a UK phone bill, a UK utility bill or a UK bank account. Now the catch 22 is that you cannot get any of these unless you can prove your UK address with one of the aforementioned documents. Further to this, even if you want to be jointly named on an account you still need to prove your address. And so, the circle of frustration begins.

I was unable to get my phone bill in my name, it is in Glen’s currently, we don’t have any utility bills because we are staying with his parents, and so that left the bank account as the only option potentially. We went into Barclays and explained the situation and fortunately they had a solution. They accept international bank statements with your UK address on it. Now this was not known to me before as it is not information which is freely/easily offered, if I had known I would have sorted this out before leaving. The small catch to using my Australian bank statement is that Barclay’s would only accept a posted copy – go figure. To cut this long story short – I was able to prove this and now I have a UK bank account! So everything else should be much easier… hopefully.



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