Not Goodbye But See You Later

I am not a person who usually shows emotion in public – by that I mean cry in front of people. I have never spent so much time feeling like I am on the verge of crying. Last week we had Friendsgiving and that was first really hard event as I realised it would be a long time until I see a lot of these people in person again. I do hope I can carry on this event in England and skype into the Brisbane one 🙂

On Sunday I kicked over some stuff while packing and started bawling my eyes out which had Glen laughing but also comforting me (it was pretty stupid). I am very excited to be leaving Australia and getting to go onto our next big adventure. Being able to travel Europe at a much more affordable cost and much more easily is really the dream for me. But I do have fantastic group of friends and family who it will be sad to leave and not be able to catch up as easily. However, as one of my friends said it is not goodbye but see you later. It is the plan to get set up in our own place (hopefully soon) and have space for friends and family to come stay with us.

I know that I will make new friends, that I’m reconnecting with old friends in the UK and will be joining a new family but it is still difficult. I am basically a bit of an emotional mess at the moment, Wednesday will be the most difficult. Upside though I might actually sleep on the flight though as I will be emotionally drained.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Zoe the cat says:

    Love you and meow meow from Zoe


  2. Julie says:

    We will miss you too Jess you have been like another member of the family. thank you for including us oldies in various gatherings best of luck in England Julie and Chris Hunter


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