Shipping Our Possessions

Holy crap, we have donated, gifted, sold and thrown out so much stuff. After making the decision to move I discovered the Minimalists and listened to their podcast, this really helped me get rid of a lot of stuff that I felt obligated to keep.

We then needed to organise getting our possessions over to the UK. I took some time reading online forums and this gave some really valuable advice and reviews about shipping providers. I ended up choosing Seven Seas, we had two options having our boxes available in a couple weeks or a couple of months. By choosing an option that took more time we saved a lot of money. We shipped our books, board games, photographs etc, essentially things we wanted to keep but didn’t need to have on hand. I also didn’t want boxes spread across two countries. Knowing that each box was approximately AUD$80 to ship really made us think about what we were taking. Between the two of us we ended up with eight boxes. We also shipped the goods a few days before we moved in together, and this avoided the need to live around boxes.

Seven Seas give you a quote based on how many boxes you want and they deliver the boxes to you, the boxes are included in the price, so don’t bother using your own boxes. If you don’t use all the boxes or you need more they will adjust the price in the final invoice once your items are collected. As Glen is a UK citizen and all our goods are just personal items we have owned for some time we do not have to worry about duty entering into the UK (but it is another process which is separate from the shipping company). Seven Seas were quite easy to work with but there is quite a bit of paper work (as always), you have the option of ordinary insurance or higher insurance – but for the higher insurance you have to itemise EVERYTHING, whereas the lower level just needs general details of what in the boxes. Generally speaking most of what we own couldn’t be replaced so we didn’t take the higher insurance.

We haven’t moved over yet – but here’s hoping all goes well with our boxes!

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