Organising The Fur Children

We both have fur children, Glen has a horse – also known as Mr Win$ton (3 years old) the Bull-Arab, and I have Millie (11 years old) a Maltese x Shih-Tzu and Zoe a domestic short haired kitty (12 years old). Some hard decisions needed to be made. Mr Win$ton is being transported at the same time we are flying organised through Jetpets and this cost over AUD$5,000. Millie is staying in Brisbane with family until we are settled and have our own place as I do not want to put stress on her moving her all over the place (if her circumstances change than she might stay in Brisbane). Zoe given her age and that she LOVES the sun, is staying in Brisbane and has been rehomed with a close friend. This was a very difficult decision. It has been really hard to not be living with them for the last couple of months. Zoe has been with me since I moved out of home and she was a rescue and Millie came a year later. (Win$ton is also a rescue).

As to the process with Jetpets, they’ve been really good so far, they came and picked up Win$ton to make sure his vaccinations were up to date and gave him his rabies shot. A couple of weeks out from moving they delivered the crate and it was enormous! Glen had to dismantle it to get it into the house! They do this so the crate doesn’t smell so foreign and you start feeding them in the containers in the crate so they are familiar with it.

Also you get to keep the crate, not sure what we are going to do with it, maybe use it as an extension on the house.


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