Organising Our Lives

We have written so many lists, trying to remember everything that we needed to do.

  • Mail redirection through Australia Post – it takes about three business days before this is processes so make sure not to leave this until the last minute.
  • Health – I decided it was important to have my health checked before leaving to take advantage of Medicare and my health insurance. This involved going to the dentist, having my skin checked for skin cancer, having my eyes tested and ordering new glasses. I know I will have health coverage in the UK, but I have a trusted relationship with both my doctor and dentist. I have cancelled my health insurance and since I paid up for the year I actually get my fees pro-rata back – which was a nice surprise. I did have to make the decision as to whether or not I continue because of the loading (being over 31 now) but I do not plan to live in Australia anymore so just cancelled.
  • Selling our cars and changing ownership – this was probably the easiest process for both of us. The annoying part was cancelling parking accounts and toll passes – this was more time intensive then selling our cars.
  • I ordered a new Australian passport as my New Zealand is expiring next year so that I would have an appropriate witness available.
  • We bought a new laptop and phone as both were about to die and if you purchase within 60 days of international travel you can apply to get the GST refunded through the Tourist Refund Scheme.
  • Then updating addresses for EVERYTHING! Including Australian Electoral Commission, Superannuation, University, bank accounts, pet’s contact details, etc. I’m sure we’ve forgotten something.

The best thing though is when you ring up to cancel accounts like insurance, is that they have nowhere to go when you say you’re leaving the country.


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